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For more information or to make an appointment for a free estimate, call us at 619-562-4471.

We will call you back in the afternoon or evening to schedule an estimate. If you prefer, we can look at your trees while you are at work and leave an estimate at your door.

We serve all of San Diego County, including Santee, El Cajon, La Mesa, Poway, Alpine, Ramona, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Clairemont, Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Escondido, Coronado, Carlsbad, Cardiff, Solana Beach, Leucadia, Downtown, and Imperial Beach.


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What should I look for when hiring a tree service?

First, find out whether the company carries liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. Both kinds of insurance protect property owners from liability in case something goes wrong. A legitimate tree service should have both.

Second, consider the company’s experience and reputation. Most skilled arborists have learned the trade by working in the business and learning from other arborists over a course of years. Look for an experienced arborist with good recommendations and a long history in the community. There are a lot of fly-by-night tree services, but you may not like the quality of the work you receive from them. It can be difficult to fix bad work, so hire wisely.

How can I tell whether a tree service is licensed and insured?

The easiest way to find out whether a tree service is licensed and insured is to just ask the company representative. You may also want to verify that a company is licensed and insured by going online with the Contractor’s State License Board.
Why should I hire an experienced arborist?

Tree care requires a lot more than just knowing how to use a chain saw. Trees are complicated organisms! Their health, safety, and beauty depends on specialized knowledge about species, growth patterns, conditions, and pruning methods. Only an experienced arborist knows how to work with your trees to keep them healthy, safe, and beautiful now and in the future.

What’s wrong with my tree?

Call us! There are a lot of reasons trees get sick. We can help you figure out what’s wrong with them and whether they can be saved. The most common problem we see is underwatering, but overwatering can also be a problem. There are also a variety of local pests and funguses, many of which can be managed with appropriate care.

Is there really a benefit to regular tree care?

Yes. Although some species of trees are fine without regular pruning, many trees require some care during their lifetime. Without regular care, trees can become overgrown and risk breaking or falling over because of the weight of the foliage, particularly in strong winds or during the rainy season. Trees that are well maintained are also more attractive and can increase the value of your property.

Are your estimates free?

Yes, we give free estimates. Generally, we will return your call in the afternoon or evening and we can often meet with you the next day. If you prefer, we can look at your trees while you are at work and leave an estimate at your door.

My tree is a nuisance. Help?

Trees can cause a lot of damage, and not just when they fall over or break. Tree roots can clog pipes and can damage paving, swimming pools, and walls. Some trees drip sap everywhere. Aggressive species can grow extensive root systems under your yard and may send up sprouts everywhere. We can do a lot with root barriers and appropriate pruning methods to ensure that you can continue to live with your trees in peace. If not, we can help you get rid of the problem trees and we can advise you on more appropriate tree species for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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